Traditional Thai Healing Therapy


Traditional Thai Healing Therapy

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing therapy, influenced by Indian Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and South East Asian approaches.  

The massage involves acupressure to pull and stretch your body.  It is a full body treatment from head to toe for relaxation and balance of your body and mind.

Yoshi has long been impressed and amazed by traditional Thai massage, and has immersed himself in the therapy for more than ten years. 

If you would like to receive a treatment, please make an appointment by e-mail or at the Tea Sutra counter. 

Please ask for availability 

TREATMENT is expected to take between 1hr+ (usually about 1hr 30mins) and 2 hrs(or more) depending on your condition

PRICE £20 for Unemployed £30 for Employed.  (Some of which will be donated to a selected children's charity in Thailand. wellness room project and the Buddhist Centre.)